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I'm showing up to the breeding appointment like this whether you like it or not 😜
At least one of you is craving 2 busty Aussies in your life, right 😏
Let me gyrate on your cock as you fill me up 😋
Why yes, this is the most effective way to remove her knickers 😊
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Creampie or nah
They say the colour red makes men 10x hornier. Let me know if it's working 😏
21[F4M] I'm literally sending to whoever up votes 👻:angel_ruisa2022
Felt playful in this teeny tiny tank top 🥺
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Happy Babe Showing Her Blessings Sweet
I tried taking a nice PG pic for you, but the towel wouldn't let me 😜
Oops, the towel fell down, idk what happened 😅
Looking for a guy who's okay with us using his load as lube while we scissor 😈
Breed me in the bath
These hot chippies have gotten me horny 😜 I had to bring out my tentacle toy...
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I'm more than just a cute face and a nice set of tits, I also have a jiggly pussy
If you like how they bounce in the bra, just wait til I take it off 🥵
Sometimes it's a struggle to pull my pants up 😜
Hopefully this entices you to fuck me 😜
She loves feeling how wet I am for her 🥺
If they jiggle this much already, imagine how much they'll jiggle full of milk! 😜
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Two pussies are always better than one, right? 😏
This is the position you'll be filling me in, btw 😊
You don't need to hold my legs back, I can do that myself 😏
What do you think I taste like?
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I just want a guy to make a MILF out of me 😜
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You might as well eat it while you're down there 😏
I never wear a bra or panties under a summer dress 😏
Busty and petite = the best combo :) [oc]
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My flower needs pollinating 😏
Snuck away from the NYE party to take this. Maybe you could sneak away too and creampie
A slow mo bounce for you :)
My nipples are so sensitive today 😏
I need filling, let me empty your sack 😈
I won't rest until you've emptied your balls into my petite body :)
Don't lie, I know you'd love me sending you vids like this while you're at work 😈
The turkey's not the only thing that needs stuffing 🥺
Breed me after ballet practice 🥵
Not a drop, more of a bounce...😏 [oc]
Kiss it before you stick it 😜
We don't do Thanksgiving in Australia, but that doesn't mean you can't stuff me this
Sometimes I just do this instead of going to the gym :P
I can't wait for someone to make me a MILF 😈
Nothing better than burying my face in her D cups 😜
Oh Im sorry! I was just reading something, let me trigger your brain again, I know
Sometimes the simplest panties are the sexiest 😈
Do my pale cheeks mesmerise you? 🥺
Oops, the towel dropped... But now that I'm naked we might as well fuck 😜
I'm waiting for my creampie 🥺
Morning babe! I made you breakfast in bed! (It's me, I'm the breakfast in bed)
Would you be willing to get smothered by my Aussie cheeks? 😜
Ahh, that's much better 😜