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Alrik Angel begs me not to stop as I fuck his perfect ass. He was such a good boy!
Possessing that ass. 😈
anal caged chastity femdom huge dildo pegging sissy strap on microchastity
Christening our new studio space in the best way we know how. Missed y'all! ;)
Just checking the undercarriage before I take him for a spin.
Slipper when wet
It's so cute how quickly he cums once he starts bottoming : )
Sissy butts drive me nuts
"My queen got machine gun hips, better duck once they go off. Takes aim, no
Hitting all the right angles.
It just gets more aggressive the longer you watch! : )
Grabbing onto his hips for leverage always makes him go extra feral
Aiden getting double teamed by Kleio Valentien and me for his birthday. 🥳
Giving my sissy those long, deep strokes he needs.
A fun session after coming home from the sex shop : )
Just a silly succubus having a little fun. Happy Halloween! ; )
A subby slave worshiped his Succubus master so well that he got a little treat. 😈
Everyone's all about the Xmas themed pegging but I'm still thinking about Halloween
Cupid Pegs a Subby Boy
Aiden licks my toes while I fuck him from behind. Making him multi-task is always
Either hole. Any time. Whenever I want it.
Please enjoy my butt! 😊
Pegging GIF by c0smicbr0ccoli
The deeper, the better. 🥰
"Demons be gone!"
Who says you can't fuck a work of art?
Topping the lovely Synthia Spark. It was such a great night! 🥰
Letting you get a good look at my new cock before we put it to use.
An aggressive make-out session that turns into anal : )
A little ass clapping, doggystyle pegging for y'all ; )
Who's my favorite HoHoHo?
I love the sound of our bodies aggressively slapping together : )
Can you tell I love what we do?
It's rare for him to sound like he's almost at his limit...I was surprised at how
Aiden got spit roasted him for the first time! There were times where he seemed to
Fucking my submissive husband to my heart's content. I think we'll add some bondage
My happy place :)
We had such a fucking blast testing out the new dildos that Mr. Hankey's sent us!
Cosmic rear angle
[FM+toy] Fucking him while he fucks Belinda....He didn't last long and it was precious.
Cosmic hip action
Just grooving on a Monday night.
We went at it for over an hour last night after not being able to fuck for the last
"...the perfect submissive toy, all for me to play with."
It's the last day of our 50% off OF sale! If you love what you've seen so far, we
It may be a lower quality shot but the pegging is top tier.
Slowly giving him those long, deep strokes he loves and craves.
A little GoPro angle action for y'all ;)
I need a good ass pounding
My sweet little anal slut all locked up and exactly where he belongs.
Does being restrained like this make you nervous my love? There's no need to worry...Trust
I don't always hard Dom, but when I do....
Watching you desperately grip the sheets and moan into the bed is so precious....
Just me, telling our viewers about a conversation I had with a Femdom erotica writer
Holding casual conversations with people while fucking him live on Valentine's Day.
Another casual "set it and forget it" private session for y'all. The wand
A bit of our first pegging compilation. I'm pretty damn proud of how it turned out!
Some of our hottest sessions end up being the ones we don't film. We decided to start
Adding hard points to the ceiling was the right move.