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Fishing Trip Means We Are Alone
Sis Coming in clutch
Let’s Pretend
New Man Of The House
Play Wrestling goes south
She Asked if Her’s was good enough
She Wasn’t Happy About it
Gym Crush Mistake
Father’s Day Gift I Won’t Forget
Making Memories
Letting Me Use Her
Fun After Night Out
Using My Hall Pass on Wife’s Sister
Wife’s Sister Takes Care of Me
Dad Makes My Marriage Official
If She doesn’t know, is it wrong?
His Wife is so sneaky
Helping With My Bucket List
We Make An Interesting Bet
She Lets Me Use Her While She Studies
Asking Sis Important Question
Birthday Fun
She Was Pissed At Her BF
Wife’s Mom Stops By Hotel Room
Sis Let’s Me relieve my urges
GF Sets up Birthday Surprise
If she loved you she would
Halloween Tradition
Bonus For The Maid While The Wife Is Away
Buddies GF is Upset that he’s making us late
Study Session
It’s Tradition
Convinced to Fooling Around
GF just moved in with me and my dad
Buddy Moved For Work. His Girl Stayed
She Was Caught Cheating, I Promised To Keep her secret. On One Condition
Couldn’t help myself with son’s gf
Wife’s Sis is Going Through a Tough Divorce
MIL Wants To Ask For A Favor
I Think She’s Jealous
Buddy Offer’s Me a Place to stay in my time of need
My brother wanted some free time so he asked me to keep his wife busy
Buddy Forgot Today Was His Anniversary
Son’s New GF Is Such A Slut. And I Love It
GF Loves That I’m So Close To Her Sister
Married Teacher finally gives in to her student’s flirting
Testing her loyalty
Farm life ain’t easy
Covering for Sis
Niece Wants to make a little extra cash this summer
We were Just Suppose to Practice
Unbreakable Bond
Mom wants my attention while dad is busy
Stalling until the movie starts
Doing bad things that feel so good
The Sitter had a crush on me
Moving Across The Country Leads To Relationship
Wife Found Out About the affair and Wants Payback