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Date Night with the Bully [Full Video in the Comments!]
You were warned that the forest was haunted- would you still go?
Your mom always swore off videogames as immoral... until your sister got her into
The uniform they picked out for you wasn't very traditional... but you barely made
Your gf walked in on you and your roommate "blowing off steam"
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Your gf finally stands up for you! (Pt 1) (Full story in the comments!)
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You made a deal with your bully. If he would stop picking on you at school...
Do you hear them praying at night?
You can't wait for the company retreat this weekend!
Experimental GIF I made using AI. What do we think?
One must imagine Sissyphus happy 😉
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What do you think he would do if he found out...?
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Your gf swears it's an accident every time, and you almost wish you could believe
What is gay about this??
Only racists are afraid of reparations! (Pt 2)
Your Black World Order Initiation
Only racists are afraid of reparations! (Pt 1)
Are you jealous that your bully isn't paying attention to you anymore?
Why would anyone choose to fight when they could do this instead?
Your bully can have any pussy he wants. He only takes hers because he knows you want
It's fun to pretend sometimes....
Your friend was feeling down and really needed a win...
Good girls remember that they belong to their (step)fathers first and foremost ✟
Who are you in this scenario...? 😏 (Part 2)
You lost a bet- your hands were tied.
It's so cute when they try to resist!
"Yeah, I took a shower while I was there, so what??"
Did you really think he wouldn't get to her?
Guess who I ran into babe! 😊
A good Christian woman obeys the word of the lord 📕
How did your first date go...?
Asian girls are even cuter when they pretend they're not sluts for big white cocks!
You know you can't win, so why do you even try?
If anyone is gay here it's my roommate, right?
You probably shouldn't have gone to your bully's pool party...
You want to get in, don't you?
You kept your girlfriend hidden from your bully as long as you could...
Now they go to the gym together every day 🤤
You know it's where you want to be, don't you?
I'm not even sure what I was worried about anymore!
Did you enjoy your prom night?
Would you trust your girl around your big cock bully?
Spoiler alert: you didn't get the promotion
Admitting is the first step
How many times does she have to tell you- anal isn't cheating!
What was I supposed to do?
Your girl told you she doesn't do blowjobs because "it's demeaning"
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She even told you about it. What are you going to do about it??
Nothing's gay if it happens during a threesome, right?
Vitamin C
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It's weird how Asian women just happen to end up naked around White men, isn't it?
Your roommate has a lot of options to choose from. You don't want to lose him, do
Who are you in this scenario...? 😏
Would you sacrifice a great relationship with a beautiful woman just to suck a big