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I made a trailer showing off some of my OF content! Please enjoy! Check pinned comment
I worked really hard on making this “twins” video a few weeks ago, people still
I can’t be the only one who loves dancing around naked, can I?
Spreading my pussy for you
Play with my tits or clit? You can only pick one
Risky flashes are the best
Getting off in the mirror hits different
Want to have a squeeze?
I hope you think about filling up this pussy the next time you cum
If you take me out to dinner I promise to not wear panties. Deal?
Felt like dressing up, want to take me on a date?
Hope you like petite Aussie girls ?
Taking boyfriend applications, I’ll cook you pasta and fuck you really good ?
Do you like my new shiny outfit?
I get off on squirting in my car while people walk by
Got spotted by a couple walking by while filming this, hope you enjoy it ?
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Hope you like this trailer I made displaying some of my OF content! I think my video
Dainty Wilder #29
Ahegao GIF by dwilder
Thigh shaking squirts feel so good
I made an online store and I’m selling my squirt! This has been one of my biggest
I made my own website, hope you like it! Link in comments 💞
Hello Babe
Hehe, Dont look while I change for you ;3
Tiny and tight little thing
Dainty Wilder #26
I've never been so turned on
Cum GIF by dwilder
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Hope you have a sweet tooth
I hope that my little booty jiggles put a smile on your face
I kinda hope there was a security camera watching me
Got my first sheer bodysuit, what do you think?
Couldn’t decide whether to do a titty reveal or a booty reveal, so here’s both
NSFW Petite Thong
I’ve started fucking my friends and filming it 🙈 Watch all the naughty videos
I bought myself this yellow sundress for Xmas, do you like it?
Snuck off from Xmas lunch because I was feeling a certain way and wanted to brighten
What hole would you like to fill?
My pussy juice is so sweet, want a taste?
Trying to lick my own pussy, not much success
Dainty Wilder - Sucking Your Cock With My Identical Twin Sister
Dainty Wilder - Agent Wilder Wants To Sell You A House
Dainty Wilder - Tinder Date Controls My Sex Toy
Have you tried Aussie pussy before?
Dainty Wilder #30
Is the choker too much?
Dainty Wilder #28
I’m small but I still have a little bounce
Dainty Wilder being a cutie
Dainty Wilder #8
Dainty Wilder #17
NSFW Nude Petite
I want to be the reason you fail no nut November
Dainty Wilder #14