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Ambidextrous hotwife here, I like to switch back and forth between what hands I hold
Core and squat workouts help
This is how I practice before bed
Midday rides are always fun but really I like to fuck any time of day
The towel seemed to have a mind of it's own
Hubby found a few friends to help me with a spitroast
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Just one naughty wife helping out another one
Get my ring a little dirty please
If you told me 10 years ago I would be fucking another guy like this in front of
Went to a big swinger convention recently and the glory hole looked like so much
Seems like as a good time as any for this
The braids were just for this blowjob I surprised him with
Home alone leads to this occasionally
I love a bed that is the perfect height
Why does a good workout get the juices flowing?
My favorite dildo for my pussy
Sauna time
Nothing like getting caught 😳
When you eat her pussy after he's fucked her - Amateur Doggystyle Swapping Swingers
Was out of breath but full of cream
His cock marinated in my pussy for a few minutes after he came
Benefit of the butt plug is that you can fuck me without anything in the way
When he hits that spot just right
What we call the 369 position with my hubby as the third
Sometimes rubbing my pussy against his cock will do the trick
My husband must have a thing for redheads
Watching my husband fuck my friends mouth made me really wet
My hands get tired and need some strong ones to replace them
It's like rubbing your fingertips across rose petal when you touch my mommy lips
Face fuck me now or lose me forever
He likes the feel of my mouth
First time we ever met off Tinder but he didn't want to take his hat off
Finding another friend to experiement with can be a challenge but we really got lucky
If I dropped these on your head you could end up with a TBI? (Tramatic Booby Injury)
My hubby has a thing for redheads
Cunnilingus and getting my face fucked at the same time? Yes please!! [OC]
First time with this femdom Miss Jewels, how did we do?
I love the feeling of a man holding me tight and fucking me [MF]
Definitely get off rubbing my clit but the other parts of my body enjoy stimulation
My new life motto
Some couples like to start out with their own partners, we are no exception [OC]
Something I sent a married friend of mine recently
BDSM couple needed help so I stepped up and helped them capture the moment [OC]
Once I found out how stimulating anal play can be, it was a game changer
She sucked, I held. Teamwork [OC]
Found a cup with my name on it at the store
I don't remember when I started to love sucking cock but I'll never stop either
I wanted to share something with you today
Take note this is how I like it done
Not sure how he can handle so much stimulation but he does it well [OC]
Trust me, I like the control
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Can't start the morning without a little self love
Real Milf at work needing some real experiences
Just bend me over and hang on tight [MF]
Swinger Elle and I decided to get the fun started with blowing each others husbands
Happy to lay here and be a cumslut
Hubby says her oral skills and hand technique will something he remembers for a long
Just taking a friend out for a ride while the cuck doesn't get to