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Every sissy should have a roommate
You are the best agent in the area
You don’t need to know his name…
From failing student to A grade sissy slut
You should show your bully some pics by ,,accident”
Would you like to replace his doll with your mouth?
I think you have new daddy now
You should let your roommate caught you
Night walks are so fun
Being a med student is not that easy
Every sissy should know her place
It’s so much better to be her
Grindr is the best place for sissy
Now you have to visit him after work
Am I right sissy?
Sissy is the best housewife
You should show your search history to your buddy
Your bully figured out where you live…
You can finally confront your bully
Your girlfriend doesn’t need to know…
It doesn’t affect you right?
You’re just helping a friend in need
New roommate or new daddy?
Now you’re the famous sissy in the area
You should scroll reddit more often…
Sissy can do magic things
You don’t need your girlfriend anymore
She doesn’t need to know
Would you accept such an offer?
Would you like to go on such a date?
Movie nights are so fun since you become sissy slut
Little adjustments to your costume
He is really good…
You should give your phone to your bully I guess
This is how job interview looks as sissy
You love to workout with your buddy
The best payment method
Would you make stranger cum?
From bully to master
You had to do something to silence him
Sissyhypno won’t affect you right? Right?!
You need to take care of you guests
Sissy’s little secret…
It was pretty fair deal to be honest
They did you dirty…
Next time be careful…
You always have to help a friend in need
It’s so easy to have good grades as sissy
She will be so happy…
You've never felt so good before" in
Would you confront your bully?
You should confront your bully
He’s your daddy now
Stupid bets…
Being popular on TikTok is not that easy
You really don’t want to become homeless
You love the feeling of warm cock on your face am I right?
You were just lonely and curious…
You’re his favorite employee
Fun night with ,,the boys”