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Got a little messy on our vacation 😉
New video cumming soon...😉 u/Athena_Graves
I had such a beautiful connection with u/Athena_Graves
There's no better feeling...
Slow ride ;)
Gentle group masturbation leads to a surprise orgasm 🥰 u/Athena_Graves
Gentle femdom bondage & sensory play ;)
Intense prostate massage and handjob 🥵
Just posted this week's new video!! 🥰
Delicious closeup..
Beautiful lovemaking, but this time he wanted to cum somewhere else...and I loved
Mutual masturbation is so underrated!
Chris loves the attention I can give him with my finger and it helps him feel so
Raw passionate fucking ends in a deep creampie 🥵
Our newest video comes out tonight and we had the most amazing time together!! Hope
Fireside intimate, loving, and pure 🥰
There's no better feeling than u/Athena_Graves gently licking me while I suck Chris's
Swapping husbands ;)
Gentle and intimate mutual masturbation ✨
Gentle mutual masturbation...our favorite 🥰
Sneak peek of this week's new video 😘
The perfect bj eyes ✨
Nothing better than Sunday morning love 🥰
so relaxing...
I was just planning on giving him a loving cock massage, until he reached over and
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Beautiful mess
Our newest video with u/Athena_Graves is full of real, intense female orgasms 🥰
Trying to fit them both 😋
Getting them ready 😏
The way he holds me still 🥵
Facesitting femdom ;)
The best way to be woken up from a nap 🥰
It's no secret...i LOVE giving him a bj and sucking the cum out!
Casual yet intimate 🥰
Mornings like this are my fav 🥰
Taking out my glass toy after a massive orgasm.
gentle and loving 🥰
Seeing his pleasure always makes me smile :)
I love watching his reaction...
Pussyjobs are underrated
he edged me until I couldn't hold it anymore.
I love being tied up, used and fucked hard.
When Sunday morning snuggles turn into deep, passionate sex...
A big fantasy of mine has been to be tied up and used for pleasure by 2 men and it
never waste a drop
cuddles + cock warming
don't forget to massage the balls ;)
Gentle prostate massage
He wanted to cum in my ass, so he slipped it in at the last minute...and I loved
This position hit all the right spots ;)
I had the most amazing tantric massage with u/jaxsolomon ❤️
I was spoiled with a sensual tantric massage 🥰 u/jaxsolomon
His reaction 🥵
I love when she reaches around and strokes me 🔥
Kissing her in her favorite places 😏
This tantric massage was pure bliss 😇
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That smirk 😏
Sensual touch ❤️