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Let me hip thrust peg you
You won’t outrun my Strapon, back in position.
I control your manhood at my fingertips.
You thought you were dating me and “score” but you ended up on all fours taking
Open up, make your way in and hit the spot.
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Unlocking my Boyfriend to show him how his dick is useless as usual
Stop moving and let me peg you.
Sluts need to be pegged.
Embrace my Strapon going deeper while I spread your legs.
My game my rule. Want to play?
Locked & Pegged. Who’s next?
Relax and let my Strapon fuck your ass.
That’s how I fuck your ass on a date night.
I’ll Peg you until you drip in your Chastity.
Here’s your July Edition of our Pegging Legs Spread Compilation. All those clips
Come back in the Pegging Zone, I’m not done with you.
Working up an orgasm from Pegging your ass hard.
Gape Control. I make sure you stay open and ready.
Hope you’re ready to take it because I’m loading my Strapon right now.
I’ll take it easy, don’t worry. Forget it, you should worry.
Taking control of his dick and our relationship.
Pegging loser like you is my specialty.
Pegging an ass is a huge turn on for me. The moment I strap my harness and load a
I talked about your chastity in my group chat and they wanted to see it, hope you
I will go deep first and then I won’t stop Pegging you until I’m done.
Say “Merci” for the orgasm I gave you with my Strapon.
He told me it wouldn’t fit. Challenge accepted.
Let me see how your ass is taking my Strapon back and forth. No
Making my way in.
Locktober is my favourite month of the year.
Pegging that hole.
Squirting on his chastity as my dominant role in this relationship
You see your girlfriend like this, what you do?
Welcome to your Feminization Training
Don’t touch your soft dick and suck my hard tits
Would you let me Peg you like this?
I’m done pegging you but I will leave my dildo in your butt.
Dating a dominant woman can be a little risky
I dropped more panties than my boyfriend, clearly.
My big Strapon makes your legs wiggle.
Better be ready because you’re taking the big one today.
He’s not the man he pretended to be
His POV of Locktober
Grab it, Slap it, Peg him.
Look at those balls. Let me peg you until you drip.
He’s so excited from my big blue Strapon
Are you into Goth Femboy?
He didn’t see it coming but he certainly felt it
My boyfriend reached the point of no return, he’s now my FuckToy.
I’ve taken away all my boyfriend manhood.
When your girlfriend overcomes the whole relationship, your ass included.
Pegging Legs Spread on my Boyfriend Vol. IV
He winked at me, now he regrets it.
This is how I spread love to my boyfriend
From now, this is where you belong in our relationship. You’re not a man anymore.
Saturday night are for Hard Pegging, Sunday recovery and back at it Monday.
If you had satisfied me at the beginning of our relationship, you would not have
From Boyfriend to FemBoyfriend.
Spread my legs