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me: “I can’t wait to film loads of sexy content in the pool in Cyprus” …
We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other & my boyfriend caught us 😩
Played with his dick until he came all over my face 😊
He gave me a facial in public and I had to walk home with it on my face 😭
Right in the eye 🥵
dripping 🤤
I had to walk home with cum on my face 😳
I kept sucking after he came on my face 😋
taking cum selfies after taking a facial
I literally BEGGED him to cum on my face 😩
a big facial just for me 🥰
Got another huuuuge facial!
if your dick has ever twitched over me, or you think I’m mildly cool in general,
I think cum on clothes is so hot… anyone agree?
one of my biggest facials ever 🤤
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Ghostface on his day off… 👻
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we had so much fun at sex party last night that I've just booked for us to go to
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One of us worked on his cock while the other licked his balls 😋
she licked his balls while I worked on his cock 😋
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It didn’t come home… it came on my face instead… drown your sorrows by watching
A scooter ride in Norway turned into a handjob by the lake 🤷🏼‍♀️
happy titty tuesday 💗
My glasses protected my eyes from the cum 🤓
Blowjob GIF by jadevow
first cumshot of 2023 😋💦
“free the nipple, right?”
You know it’s going to be a good holiday when your tits are out before you’ve
He caught me filming a JOI, so he joined in…
I think I flashed my tits to half of Ibiza when I went there on holiday
the first 20 people to join my FanClub on MV will get an exclusive discount code
I went on holiday and found a new cock to play with 😍
I like having two cocks in front of me to choose from 🥰
My new favourite thing is getting a facial on top of another facial
Taking a selfie after taking 2 facials for the first time… 🤤
I told him to cum on my tits, NOT my face. He didn’t listen.
throwback to when I got a facial on a beach in Ibiza & had to walk back to our
my makeup got a little smudged…
2022 was full of smiles & cum 🥰
my fifth cumpilation was definitely my best one yet… 🤤
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festive facial 💦❤️✨
I got caught playing with myself 😳
the curse of the cum rabbit 🐰 …
lets help eachother out 😉 …
He literally split my fringe in half with his cum… 😅
almost choking on his cum 😩
here I am with my tits out at Leeds festival… 👀
sucking cock, getting a HUGE facial & then making myself cum while the load
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