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I just smoke alone in the dark.
Today we just forced this slave to give out friend an orgasm
It will definitely be a ride, she will remember for the rest of her life. [OC]
I also really liked the way she moaned.
The little slutty girl probably didn't expect the training to be so intense. [oc]
You little beta bitch, you don't even have to bend over very hard to suck my strapon.
I’m gonna destroy his ass
[OC] I must admit I trained this little slut well.
My pink strapon is my favorite toy
His screams stimulated us even more and the action accelerated.
Yes, I think I am shiny enough.
And today I present smoking to the power of three.
We like to simultaneously plug all the holes of this male submissive slut.
It was a nature-didactic path that this pathetic weak beta male will remember for
Simply put, this male beta slut will chew a condom like chewing gum until we tell
In a moment we will accelerate, and his screams will be heard throughout the district.
She can only cum when I’m treating her like a slut [F] [F]
She made him cum just by clicking his cage
I love my new latex catsuit
catsuit domination dominatrix femdom high heels latex latex gloves master/slave slave
Worship my latex
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We just made him bisexual for our pleasure
I love testing his holes by my new strapon
I know you love it
We made this slut Bi with this BBC
I love when he’s screaming
I love when she’s gagging by my cock
All natural
I don’t care how many girls you fucked in your life, for me you are still virgin
Your favorite drink is ready 😈
I know you would love to be on his place 😈 I love to fuck young boys' throats
Ass GIF by lady_perse
4 officers and 1 little slave ready to be destroyed 😈
Come to mommy
That’s how I get some fun with my friends ;)
My slut is so lovely
She loves when I’m fucking her hard
Let’s get some fun with this slutty girl
That’s how we treat our new prisoners 😈
That’s how I train this slave ass 😈
Be a good boy and suck it deep
Me and my friend Rebecca trying new slaves
I’m the queen of pegging 😈
That was the best pegging in his life
Open your mouth slut
Worship my latex
Her boyfriend can’t make her cum, so that’s my job
I love this sound
Imagine that I’m fucking your girlfriend, and you have to lick her at the same
That’s how I treat my little slave girl [F]
My slut loves getting spanks
I'm teaching your girlfriend how to do deepthroat because she can't learn from your
Girls just wanna have fun ;)
It was amazing threesome ;) we made this girl come 3 times
My sweet little girl deserves some punishment
That’s how I made this slut come
I’m making the best anal training for my slaves
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She loves sperm so I feed her