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Cravings are getting stronger..
The evolution of a Sissy Whore!
You were nervous, Daddy helped
Be careful out there Sissy
You love his taste so much!
When it just hits right!
You were born for this Sissy
He'll use you however he wants Sissy
Give in & take the plunge into Sissy-Hood
One push is all it takes
It's your purpose and you love it!
The only seat you want
This is all you've ever wanted
Your pathetic clitty
A cock like this is worth the wait!
Tease him with it and he'll make it worth your while
He owns you now Sissy
Never be the same again
A Sissy should always use her throat
Of course you love it Sissy
Love to be full & stretched
This is your place Sissy
It all changed when you walked into his apartment
Fulfilling your purpose is sweet & salty
Take the next step Sissy
It's his to control, isn't it Sissy?
Admit it Sissy
Of course you love it, Sissy!
It's your purpose Sissy
It's only fair Sissy
You knew there'd be no coming back from this
Nothing makes you happier!
A Good Sloppy Sissy
Not one regret
All in a days work, right Sissy?
Every Sissy craves this moment
A real mans POV
Serving Alpha Cock is the best!
The pain will subside and feel pleasurable beyond belief
No place you'd rather be
Of course you do Sissy
Don't stop Sissy
Don't you Sissy?
Accept him Sissy
Nothing but a cock sleeve
It makes you feel so right
You couldn't wait for Daddy!
A Happy Sissy
You've peaked Sissy
Every Sissy needs Daddy's approval & Validation
And you've never been happier
That's what daddies cock does to you Sissy
It's worth the wait!
A good sissy will be ready & waiting
Of course they do!
Daddy makes you feel so girly
If you love Daddy's Cock, you'll kiss it
When Daddy Slides It In You
You're hoping for more than a finger, Sissy
Every Second!