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You settled in quicker on your exchange trip to europe than you imagined
you're here to serve me
i need big dick 👻 danak1x
Never shower. Goon until you cover your fleshy body in your slutty juices, then lick
it's what we were made for
I only want the best for you darling
moving out of your parent's house is overrated
Maybe I'll forget to invite my friends to my own birthday so she returns the favour
Who is she??
You want to be woken up like this
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Nothing comes close to you
after learning what breakfast meant, you would even accept this arrange without the
No more porn for you. From now on you can only watch videos of you abusing your own
it seems like you've been misbehaving a lot recently
The best moment of her life
You were always competitive
Has he chosen your sissy name yet?
Pay your respects whore
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That wasn't so bad, was it?
Daddy would be proud!
Who knew Gender Studies could be so interesting?
So yummy
Become a model citizen
I know posts by men aren't the most popular around here but I've been told my stuff
Best doctor ever
unemployment didn't seem so bad
the best view in the world
His cock is already there, you may as well
your purpose in life
All the nutrients you need
commission (posted with permission)
How to make the most of a fucktoy
It makes you taste even better
It was better than you ever imagined
commission (posted with permission)
comission (posted with permission)
Choose your own adventure
live yourself as I do
commission (posted with permission)
You wait all day for feeding time
commission (posted with permission)
Option 3: let me decide for you
you're too pretty to work
this is the first time you've regretted being born with a dick
just don't tell anyone
How do they know her body so well...
Her natural instincts kicked in [commission]
your girlfriend seemed to be enjoying her study abroad trip a lot more than you thought
everything tastes better with you
you feel a lot better too
POV: You finally asked your hetero friend for a pounding..
thank him for letting you watch
she was so grateful
Your work colleagues never used to like you until they met your wife
trying something slightly different, lmk if you like it :)
she needs to be disciplined