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You're too much of a pussy to do anything about it. That's partly why they chose
Your gf still has ways to go if she wants to take your coworkers BBC but he's willing
Your wife's ex bf came into her life and just like that you're a cuckold
She insists she needs his nut in her pussy otherwise the day won't start well
Later that day, your colleagues took your wife to their place and used her all night.
Guess you'll just have to close your eyes and pretend your fucking her ass
She wears mask to protect her identity but what about a condom to protect her from
5 minutes later your wife enters the house and goes straight to the spare bedroom
Your neighbour has been wanting to fuck your wife for a while now! Now's the opportunity
And this is just the first round. He still has a couple more loads to give to your
Your roommate kept telling you how your gf needed long dick and wasn't satisfied
"I'm tired of faking orgasms and lying to my bf about his tiny dick. Anyone
After much insistence you gave in to your wife's plead to go on a date with your
They have no consideration for you whatsoever! They leave dirty dishes, clothes laying
I wish I was.
He's noticed that you hate licking off cum so he did it on purpose 😈
Your daughter now is part of the cuckold dynamic and she fully understands her mother's
In truth your gf has spent these two weeks getting fucked by her roommate
Now she goes to her anime conventions with her friend.. You're just grateful she
It's been 5 years since then, and even though your mom is a liberal she still fucks
It probably won't make a difference so go ahead!
You dropped off your son at a friend's house for a sleepover on the way home. You
The sounds of fucking and blowjobs drowned your thoughts. The aggressive smell of
Your bully dominates your gf and makes you pay to watch it!
You saved up quite some money to buy the PS5! Now you're going to lose it and have
Your girlfriend always demands deference from you towards her bulls! When Sir Jones
As your wife and her bull left the motel the next morning, with his arm around her
Everyone's reaction was of pure shock! Some of your coworkers recognized your wife!
She's been wanting to have his kids for a while now! Maybe the punishment was just
The most important meal of the day filled with strong protein straight out of a condom!
Your Crush is going to get into the new year with her bf's cock in her pussy while
In reality she just needed an excuse to torment you 😈
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Your gf is like a puppy happily waiting to be fed her bull's cum
You're gonna have a good married life
He's speaking the truth
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Your little girl is unrecognizable... Your boss has turned her into a slut!
She didn't mention anything about it to you
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You berated and scolded your daughter for dating an older man.. You backed down pretty
Your gf gave your key to your Alpha friend... You know he's gonna leverage this..
She said she was gonna take care of it.. And she did! No more bullying from him!
You gave your bull your chastity key, a full year of your services (doing chores,
Your family watched in shock as you tried to shut the video off... But the damn phone
Your Christmas gift is waiting for you 😉
You told your friend you couldn't make your gf cum... He decided to give you a demonstration
Where is she?
Your wife will call you when they leave
You don't mind because you're a cuck.. Everybody gets what they want
Your gf found a REAL Man 😉🍆
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You masturbate without permission, once! Because you're gf wasn't putting it out
He doesn't recognize you but he's still the same asshole he's ever been
Ohh.. So that's why she's late for her date! Hope he doesn't cum on her face and
Your best-friend's has done this to countless other couples and he always wins..
Your wife never brought another woman into your sex life 😒