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Of course your wife likes him
Our wedding anniversary is a double celebration
The trick to keep your job. Just try it. You know you’ll like it
You need to be polite and grateful
My girl is vindictive and punishes me by fucking my friends for any stupid comment
When you brag about your wife to your friends, but don’t give her what she needs…
My wife loves grading my students’ effort and skill.
What would you have done?
My wife is so eager…
We get a lot of returning visitors . And she loves it!
He’s obviously not well
It’s important we can become “innocent” mom and son quickly
You know she likes it rough
She was more than willing
How to lose your access to pussy
I honour her wish - she is family, after all
My wife was late for our celebration date
My wife’s teasing usually results in a couple of my friends doing as she asks them…
Any idea who of your friends might be on the same hotel as your wife?
It seems like mom likes to show off
She is his slut
Forever etched into my memory
She turned out to be a slut - not a loving wife
She definitely got them from my mother’s side
Helping my daughter be happy
She can’t say no to him, even though she is married to me
You don’t mind your wife getting some relaxation and fun at your neighbours’,
My wife inspires her students…
Your wife loves to entertain business travelers
She decides who is worthy of a place in the group
My summer vacation highlight…
Knowing you have no clue makes it extra hot
Anything for that inheritance!
She enjoyed paying that bill
You can’t deny you are a cuck if your wife does this to you
They are just teaching me…
My wife is the one handling our finances. She always finds a way to pay the bills…
It’s only fair that your wife serves the son as well, right?
Her customer list is growing
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Is it bad to user her addiction like this?
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We made it a huge celebration
My girlfriend likes experienced cocks
She needed dad on her wedding day
I love what my daughter serves me
Why don’t you give your daughter what she craves?
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There is an explanation to why you are a cuck as well…
I am lucky my wife really likes my coworkers…
Be sure you know what you are asking for...
She will always be on a cock in a bathroom somewhere…
You know she will play if you let her
Just let her get all that aggression out
Do you know who the guy next to your woman is?
She always liked it rough…
I got this from my coworker…
It seems your wife is getting friendly with your employees.
She can’t leave all the dads with blue balls
Sometimes I wonder if my best friend is closer to her than to me