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Do it, sissy.
Full slut mode
You'd look good in panties.
Get ready for that delicious load.
You found a loophole
Dress like a girl, get fucked like a girl.
Give in to your desires.
Your ass looks great in a thong, sissy!
There is no going back.
Totally 100% straight!
When he finds your girl button...
Learn to cum like a girl.
This could be you, sissy!
Just enjoy his cock.
Totally straight.... don't worry about the details just enjoy it :)
It tastes as good as it looks.
A good sissy never wastes cum.
Savor the flavor.
To be worshipped
I'm drooling...
Sissy is my middle name now🥺😳
You make a very pretty sissy cumslut!
Open wide sissy!
Go the extra mile.
You'd look this good dripping in cum too, sissy.
Cocks are just tasty as ever
If you aren't careful, you could end up just like her.
Don't spill a drop!
Submit to superior males.
Serve your master.
Your sissy hole craves it.
Alpha cock is what I need in my life
The smell of his manhood makes your head spin.
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You've been a good sissy. Enjoy your reward.
This is who you are.
Go on, have a taste.
Just a handjob between friends.
Yes sir
Just happened to be there.
When he enters you for the first time, you will know what your place in life is.
Catch his delicious seed on your tongue.
You want to pleasure cocks with your sissy mouth.
Your sissy ass aches to be filled with alpha cock.
Give up your masculinity.
Your wife deserves only the best.
With a cock like this, you can bully my son all you like.
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There's only one thing on her mind right now. It isn't you.
We found a solution that benefits all of us.
That's why he's the one fucking, and you're the one stroking.
I would satisfy her by begging her to make him her our boyfriend who make me his
Just a friendly kiss...
[reddit] he doesn’t know that I prefer this view 😉
[wickr goonedouthard]RP and trade like we're two oblivious beta cucks with gfs/moms
She'll never go back to your little dick.
You're never too old to join mommy in the shower.