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She makes you cry like a bitch, and masturbates to the thought of it later.
And you swallow it all, like the worthless trash you are.
She bonuses every quarter.
You'll do anything for her. Including eating another man's cum out of her pussy.
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He said he'd let me go once he was done using me...
Don't take too long. Other cocks are waiting.
You taste someone else's jizz every time you kiss her.
Honestly. Why else would you be here?
She... says she's studying...
They said they'd be back, and they'd bring friends next time.
Don't fucking talk, you worthless pig.
I'm sure you used to have dreams. Aspirations. Good thing you know how the real world
I've never been railed like that before in my fucking life. Thank god he ignored
Don't fucking lie to yourself.
She used to be a lawyer. Now she's his fucktoy.
A blindfolded selection
And you knew you had to do it.
They told me I'm prettier with their cocks in my mouth.
That's it. Like a little baby bird. How does my cum taste, slut?
You should be happy for me, babe. Don't be so selfish.
I'm so excited, babe. He said that if I worked really hard, I could be one of his
Can... can I have some more? Please?
Girlcock wins again.
She really does love you. Because you always look so sad.
If you're lucky, maybe he'll let you clean me up when he's done.
This is what you're good for.
Thank u sir please come back
By the end of the week, your throat barrier will be gone.
You didn't know when she was going to find you, but you knew she would. And you knew
The nastiest slut anyone knows.
She got very good grades that semester.
And she steals when there's no cock to suck.
Don't act like you haven't been waiting for this all night.
Sometimes you're out there for hours.
And when I do, I want you right there, so you can see the panic in her eyes when
She only dates guys with huge cocks.
Her favorite part is the helpless look in your eyes when she cums down your throat.
Maybe you should bring her with you one day. You and I could have a lot of fun with
Don't worry. She'll be perfectly safe, so long as that little pussy stays tight.
Don't look at me. Don't talk to me. I'll be done when I'm done. Until then, keep
Don't worry, you'll get better. Practice makes perfect.
Making her cry was always the highlight of his week.
She had been fucking your mom in the ass every day for a week. It was time to include
He made her blow the camera guy before she left.
Corporate Whore II
Nowadays you only see her when she's heading out to your bully's house.
She still doesn't let you do it all the time. Most days, they close the door and
Your struggling made it so much hotter for her.
She's not allowed to clean up until after he's gone. Sometimes he'll sit at the bar
It hurts knowing that your bully fucks your mom like the cheap slut she is.
It was just supposed to be for an afternoon. They weren't done until 2:00am.
I never told you, but... I've been crushing on him since we met.
He's right.
You aren't the only one who does whatever your bully says.
And that was just the beginning.
Sometimes she'll get videos of your begging. On your knees. Naked. Looking up at
Sometimes she'd make you clean him even if you were a good boy.
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Squeal for me, pig.