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Now everybody are happy
She was just giving a massage
My GF puts a lot of effort into it
And she certainly sent you the video...
She just couldn't resist
She works really hard for that
She certainly is stretched alright
He was really very helpful
I am just keeping him healthy!
Size really matters
But you really need to focus
You became so much fitter since starting the new regiment
At least she learned something new
I wonder why she looks so fulfilled when she meets me
I just wanted more peace and quiet
She just couldn't resist
At least the flat ain't messy
She loves to jump straight into the pool
She loves it
That's a good answer
Happiness is important
She is a big cocktease
I quite like to be caught
She has quite a training!
He is a really good personal trainer
Now she wants to train everday!
She is just doing yoga
She didn't want to drink and drive... so she stayed at his
She really knows how to squeeze them
Your wife really likes the neighbours desserts
My girlfriend caught me, but she didn't mind
Your neighbour is such a positive influence on her...
She learned so much
It's never good to go hungry
I just had to hide it!
Sounds like a good test
Skincare is NOT cheating!
Final result: real is better
And she is amazing at it
She learned so much so fast
It seems to be working
There is nothing straighter than helping your roommate starting his day fresh
I just wanted to see how it feels
[reddit] It's not gay if you swallow the evidence, bud.
Her ex is such a bully towards you ...
You just helped him to fulfil his fantasy, not gay at all
Always ready to help
It's just a stroke buddy
You're just helping your buddy
Of course it doesn't count
I was just repeating what i saw
I was just helping him
Well if the heating stopped working....
So profoundly true
Your GF was just learning a new skill
She was practising for you!
I was just helping my friends on vacation
It was just a gaming bet
You really didn't
He is just helping her improve the tehnique