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I promise it's true, bud.
Bud thought only gay guys could get hard from having their dick sucked by a guy but
I just need the thoughts to stop please help me get it out of my system!
There's nothing gay about sucking her cock!
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That's totally normal, right?
Don't worry, It's totally straight if they look like girls!
It'll be our little secret
If you can't get any pussy then ask your bud for some ass! It's 100% not gay I swear!
Hey bud I'm nervous about my first kiss... Could you help me practice?
It's not your fault you were tricked!
I'm 100% sure it's not gay, I read it online!
It doesn't count if it's just the tip, bud!
You only do it because it feels so good not because you're gay or anything!
My bud was trying to tell me something but I was too distracted to listen!
It was so humiliating!
If each of us pretends the other is a girl then it can't be gay!
I'm straight but all I want to do is swallow!
I'm still straight if I was tricked right??
Every guy gets these urges right?
I'm not gay I'm just having fun!
Resist the urge and stay straight!
You were tricked so it doesn't count!
It doesn't count if you were too drunk to remember
Why do you think that is, bud?
I'm not hard because you're touching me... It's just morning wood, I swear!
It's not gay if it's for money
Funniest prank of my life they're all so gay now!
They put on a show for you, now you and your bud have to return the favor...
Nothing wrong with 2 buds working out together
You're only doing it to help your bud out!
You don't want to be a virgin forever do you?
Still straight... for now
It's not your fault
I love making it a challenge for my buds to stay straight!
It feels good to help a friend out!
I'm not gay, I'm just too horny to care
Being a good friend doesn't make you gay!
I'm not gay, I'm just so fucking horny
Grindr is dangerous for straight men like you
I'm not gay, I just need to get it out of my system!
It's only gay if you don't... Are you paying attention, bud? This is important!
It's not gay to pay off a bet
It's not gay if it's blackmail!
I'm not gay, I just need to pay the bills!
It's time to test how straight your buds are!
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Horny Milf helps fit his huge hard dick inside of Vina's soft tight pussy!
Vina would like to introduce you to a couple of her friends
Vina taking 2 big cocks in her small slutty holes at the same time
She loves being shared
It's not gay if you're just helping your bud practice!
Remember to get your prostate checked at least once a week!
[discord:puppy#8699][wickr: bitchboi06] looking to trade. Gooning has corrupted my
There's nothing gay about hanging out and watching some porn together!
It's not gay we're just playing together!